Monday, March 28, 2011

wrongs of passage.

Since the first "abnormal" in October, every appointment has rendered results we couldn't have possibly prepared for. Then the operation was completed and the tumor resected. So we are all set, right? Wrong. Starting a week after the surgery, here are our results. in order.

1. Neurosurgeon appointment
My assumption: he'll just take out the stitches and do a general check-up


Reality: This tumor was a different type and a higher grade than the last one (still benign) and I might need 5 weeks of daily radiation to prevent recurrence.

2. Radiation-Oncologist appointment
My Assumption: he'll just let me know if the radiation is needed or not.


Reality: The radiation IS needed and there are long-term effects that may possibly resurface years down the road. It's close to the pituitary gland, which may cause thyroid problems, hormone issues, etc. "After all, it IS radiation to the brain..." For now, I should just expect nausea, fatigue, and patchy hair loss. I'll be treated daily and monitored weekly. Chemotherapy (a word that hadn't even been mentioned up until this point) may also be necessary. Time to meet with the Neuro-Oncologist.

3. Neuro-Oncologist appointment
Assumption: I have to prepare for the worst. He'll probably tell me I'll need to have chemo along with the radiation for the next 5 weeks.

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