Wednesday, June 8, 2011

beautiful people.

I had my eye out for brain tumor walks for a while and was really excited when I saw that one was coming to Buffalo. so I made up a team name that amused me (it doesn't take much) and signed up.

I posted a link to it on facebook in NOVEMBER (in case you missed the obnoxious oval in the screenshot), hoping more teams around town would sign up and make the event successful. I liked the idea of a big event like this coming to Buffalo every year. I loved the idea of being able to walk among survivors and friends and friends of survivors and people from around Buffalo who just want to support a cause.

At that time I was having various issues but a second brain tumor was not even discovered until a month later. TO THE DAY. (the news came after hours. I wished my neurosurgeon an early happy new year.)

Months later, an "event" appeared on my facebook news-feed. an event that earned a spot on the "top news" section. an event where the default photo was my face silk-screened onto a t-shirt. an event i couldn't believe was "happening now".

and it didn't stop there. the items for sale kept popping up, like beautiful teal bubbles of compassion. on the jerseys of my husband's hockey team. on a tote held by a friend in a different state. on a t-shirt worn by a friend of my husband's mom (who I don't know). on a sign on a tent in Delaware Park. on a group of people who joined a team-who understand the severity of the situation-who want to raise money for this under-funded disease ("Why did this happen?" "We have no idea.")-who want to show they care.

Beautiful people had it in their hearts to create. Beautiful people made it possible to wear my heart on their sleeves. Beautiful people wore my heart on their sleeves.

*beautiful people part 2 (the benefit edition) still to come.

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  1. So many people love you but don't have the words to comfort you right now. Most don't know what to say and most of what's said probably isn't bringing the comfort it's meant to. This event was something tangible for all of us to do without having to say much: WE LOVE YOU and are sorry you have to endure the surgeries and effects. If buying a t-shirt or tote bag will help in some small way, then send me three!!


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