Friday, January 15, 2010


(two years ago at this time)

Caught in between an incredible student teaching experience and the ability to get my own position, I felt in my being that I wanted to give something back-to do something important once again.

So a friend and I decided to volunteer in a program called "Let's go to the Library", a chapter of Journey's End Refugee Services that brought together refugees from Burma, Somalia, and other nations with the intention of teaching the adults English and new survival skills (grocery shopping, doctor visits, you know).

The children who accompanied their parents went in a separate room to learn, play, and build community.

We were placed in the kids' room. And we LOVED it.

We spent two hours every Saturday showing love to our new neighbors-making a home where before there was none.

This was our small way to help.

This was our version of, say, going to Haiti.

This was the best thing I was ever involved in.

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  1. Dropping in to give kudos to this a million years late...Blogspot wouldn't let me post before.

    I love it. I love the Burmese and the Buffalo refugee community. Glad that you were a part of us for a while! :)


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