Saturday, January 9, 2010

this blog vs. facebook.

[due to recent happenings, the topic of this post is a slight detour from the original intention of this blog. i apologize for any angry undertones within it aimed at the facebook community.]

this blog: i can write what i want without idiots defacing it with nonsensical comments.
facebook: i can write what i want, but idiots will deface my wall with nonsensical comments.

this blog: the only words i see are ones i have written.
facebook: the words i see include a smattering of brilliance and a whole lot of rubbish.

this blog: i use it to express thoughtful self-reflection.
facebook: users use it to pass judgments, provoke arguments (i mean, "conversations"), and, oh yeah, spread "awareness."

this blog: the posts are often whimsical in nature.
facebook: the posts can by whimsical, but people may take them the wrong way and have a hissy fit (which is why i found myself deleting entire sections from my wall today).

i could go on and on-but i have a facebook status to update.

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  1. Don't forget...Facebook will include a million misspellings and your blog will not.


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