Sunday, November 6, 2011


That last one is the most important part of getting through the past two years. my husband has had to have an unbelievable amount of strength. He has had to be EVERYTHING to me. he has had to reassure. he has had to listen-SO much listening! he has seen every frustration and so, so much pain. we have this perception of what love is until it has to kick into first gear without any warning.

sometimes it was a hospital chair and knowing he would stay with me. during my week-long EEG hospital stays he said there wasn't anywhere else he'd rather be.

it was him with his phone in his hand and his arms ready for mine as crouched into a corner waiting for the news.

it was him telling me how beautiful he thought i was-even when i had no hair and when my cheeks were puffy from the steroid i was on.

it's him coming home with a huge smile on his face-SO happy to see me-even though there wasn't anything for me to be smiling about. even though i would have a new sad thing to tell him. there are always new sad things to tell him.

it's him praying with me.

it's what he does every single day. i couldn't do what he does; i can't even articulate all of it in blog post (especially since i am running out of tissues as i type).

he's the one thing that hasn't gone to waste. i'm so happy he's my family.


  1. Awe, that's so awesome. I have learned this year that we may never really know what true love is until it has been tested and come out victorious.

  2. He sounds like a great man. Prefect match for such an amazing women!

  3. Wow!! I have been so busy and I have not had time to read your blog. I have, however, been thinking about you a lot. I decided to read your blog today and this post made me cry so much! You are a very lucky woman to have Tim in your life. He is truly an amazing person!!!!! I pray for you both on a daily basis because there is always time for prayers! :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Cannot wait to hang out soon.


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