Monday, November 26, 2012

what tragedy does.

Sickness comes in quickly and forces you to face things that aren't comfortable. It strips you of security-even the security of knowing that you will make it through the day with no problems.

It makes you analyze your relationships in that it reveals who other people really are (it's easy to coast when you only depend on yourself). It makes you reflect-on your life, on your beliefs, on greater meaning.

You spend time waiting it out, hoping that your life will return to "normal" after a certain amount of days or months-but it can never be what it once was because you can't be who you were-and no one is who you thought they were. Or, at least, not who you need them to be.

So you try to rebuild from scratch. And it's exhausting. You try to be positive and consider it to be an opportunity to "start over," but your foundation has been torn apart.

Who knew that the cancer itself would be the easiest part to heal?

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