Friday, December 4, 2009

craisin souffles? check. umbrella straws? ___

Dear Elicottville, NY.,

A month and a half ago, you gave me:

  • the most wonderful breakfasts

  • plenty of cute shops to browse

  • a taste of local culture
  • and a little piece of home.

Now, Elicottville, don't take this the wrong way.

I loved my time with you this past fall.

I loved your restaurants, your leaf-lined sidewalks, your charming lodges, your friendly locals, and even your ghetto Jubilee.

It's just that-I've been really feeling the itch to go away and (how do I say this without hurting your feelings?) right now I....

...I want to go somewhere warm.

and tropical. and sip fruity drinks. and wear bathing suits. and relax with my husband by the ocean (or any body of water for that matter). and freckle . and really feel like I went on vacation.

But have no fear; I hope to see you next autumn.

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