Friday, December 4, 2009

Dollar Tree=cheap. Talk=cheap. Dollar Tree shoppers=Talkers.

I was browsing through oh-so-glittery ornaments in Dollar Tree when a petite woman with spiky blonde hair turned to me, held up an oh-so-glittery angel, and said, "Excuse me. Does this look cheap?"
"Honestly? Yes."
"I thought so...."

The conversation quickly turned to her deep love of purple, her appreciation of short Christmas trees, her frustration with lights, her coupon-clipping ways, her nineteen-year childless marriage, her husband's good cooking, her husband's mess after he cooks, her type-A personality (but only when it comes to "certain things" like her appearance, her home decor, etc.), her charter boat business, her first mate duties, and her discount, which she will bestow upon me and my husband should we choose to fish in the summer as long as I remind her where we met.

After talking about life for 15 minutes with a perfect stranger, I finally selected a Christmas ornament for our tree. It was the one she recommended.

1 comment:

  1. First mate duties?! HA!

    "Honestly? Yes." Love it.


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