Monday, December 28, 2009

eat your heart out, Time Magazine! (my year in review.)

This has been a year of discovery.

I discovered the pains and joys of buying a house (painful until you own it, joyous once you do).

I discovered what it feels like to be completely understood, accepted, loved, desired. To know it will never end.

I discovered authentic happiness. True creativity. REAL SELF. The self that's been there all along, but just needed someone to appreciate and cultivate it.

(Look how happy she looks, all appreciated and whatnot.)

I discovered a desire to be surrounded only by people who encourage, support, and inspire me. It is not a long list.

I discovered who matters and what matters.

Plus at least 3 new uses for baking soda.

Plus what really goes on in a school district.

Plus how to carmelize onions, reduce balsamic vinegar, and slow-cook beef stroganoff.

Plus a slew of not-blog-appropriate items.

Happy New Year.

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