Thursday, February 17, 2011

lighter note: inexpensive vs. cheap.

Here is a list (a partial list) of items you should NOT skimp on:

-Q-tips: the "tips" aren't fluffy enough and are indistinguishable from the hard, plastic stick that separates them. So basically they're just Qs.

-Tape: spend the extra 40 cents and get something that will actually stick!

-Shampoo: unless you prefer dry hair that smells like cheap air freshener.

-Air freshener: unless you prefer a cocktail of dirty flower water, Pam cooking spray, unresolved bitterness and Ivory soap (the generic kind, of course).

-Toilet paper/tissues: there's no softer side of Sears.

-Juice: when you can't distinguish the flavor, you may want to reconsider drinking it.


  1. totally agree! especially about the q-tips. that clean ear feeling is quickly overshadowed by the stabbing sensation.

  2. Before I got married my mom always bought the really cheap toilet paper. I tried that after I married my husband and he would not go for it! We may not have had much money but our toilet paper was sure soft!


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