Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's 3:45 AM and I am not likely to go to bed anytime soon. Today was a big day and tomorrow will be a bigger one (see previous post).

I looked through all of my facebook photo albums and I can't believe that that's me. I don't recognize myself-so (relatively) care-free. Everything was falling right into place.

Here's the timeline:

1. Birth-12th grade

2. College-the best times of my life: co-teaching with Michelle where we were food critics, pirates, mad scientists, and jesters . meeting Tim . making fun of Tim . falling in love with Tim . crying during a viewing of The Joy Luck Club . denying the tears during said viewing . hugging Gavin DeGraw . getting over Bonnie, Sally, and Iris (my former cars-may they rest in peace) . designing opposite names instead of focusing on design190 homework . finding a second home in JavaU . spray painting and proudly wearing a pink hat during graduation while sandwiched between Mishie and Darin. oh yeah, and working my butt off .

*Bonus: getting Lafayette Williams' autograph even though he was an uncredited extra in the worst movie ever made (The New World) and waving to him on campus

3. Employment- Landing a teaching job in WNY is a miracle. There is nothing college could have done to prepare me; this required so much more work than I could have imagined. It was worth it. My first class will always be my babies.

4. Engagement-best proposal ever, photos, planning, making a ton of things, more planning, and then making some more things, all the while enjoying the photos

5. Wedding-everything came together perfectly. It couldn't have been better.

((Here's where everything above becomes a blur))
6. 3 months later-1st seizure, several more, diagnosis, surgery, hope for a speedy recovery, disillusionment

7. the next 4 months-unidentified seizures, extreme fatigue, medication side-effects, visits from baby Gia, homemade food

8.the next 3 months-fatigue, migraines, pockets of normal energy and jam sessions

9. A month later (now we're in September)-elated to return to work, setting up my classroom, loving 1st grade, blessed with absolutely wonderful aides

10. The next 3 months-seizures become out of control and start to happen daily. Going to two different neurologists plus Strong Epilepsy Center to try to get some answers. Still no answers. Advised to take a leave of absence before winter break.

11. December 29-"there is a nodule of enhancement. I'm suspicious of tumor regrowth."

12. January-testing. waiting.


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  1. You are in my thoughts, Cherisse :) You are lovely and strong, I admire you!



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