Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Omega 3's.

This week is a week of (temporary) lasts:

Last time I can sing: there's too much literal pressure
But the good thing is-Tim and my brothers will be waiting in the wings to record and to jam, respectively (clearly Tim will join in the jams; I just enjoy using the word "respectively")

Last time I can shower: for safety reasons, a "baths only" policy will be in place
But the good thing is-effervescence in my parents' whirlpool tub is not too shabby

Last time I will fear this surgery.
But the good thing is-it will all be over soon.

I pray this will be the:
Last time this tumor will grow back
Last time I go to Roswell and hear bad news
Last time I have to leave my students

Last time I will fear this surgery.

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